How We Do It

We are a completely transparent and open book company and what separates us from other builders is that our people are part of our management team.  That means that our projects are under constant supervision not only by those doing the work but also an assigned project manager who makes daily site visits and coordinates the communications with the various subcontractors and material suppliers to ensure that we complete the work on time and within the outlined budget.  Any member of our team is available at any time and we keep those lines of communication open throughout the entire project.

We do our best to keep the Owner in the loop every step of the way.  At our first meetings we try to achieve our common goals for the project with clear expectations for both parties.  We will then work together to develop the specifications, budget and timeline.  Along the way you will receive constant updates to be certain that we are meeting the project goals and your expectations.

We generally require a weekly planning meeting to enable us to review project decisions and maintain the lines of communication needed for a seamless project.  We will customize the methods to suit your needs whether that be face to face site meetings, phone conferences or even video calls.  We also use a photo sharing tool, Canvis, which allows us to provide real time pictures of the project and share them with the entire team.  Our goal is to keep you informed and engaged so that there are absolutely no surprises.